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Former literary advisor to American Place Theatre and freelance script consultant including for the IFFM, Myra Velasquez offers in depth consultation to the screenwriter or playwright who seriously wants to get to the heart of his/her work to make it the best it can be.



Feedback often is so general that it is not too much help. But when you have a script consultation with Myra, you can be assured that this will not be the case. Myra is specific,scene by scene. She points right to where the problems are. So the improvement is immediate! Also, she reviews the whole structure in a very holistic, clear, logical way. It's like having an x-ray vision inside out thorough health exam!
- Peilin Kuo, award winning filmmaker, A Thousand Deaths: The Story of Anna May Wong

I had been working on my screenplay for over a year when i asked Myra for her advice. I was amazed how well Myra understood my script and the problems i had with it! Her comments were insightful, razor sharp incisive and to the point. I feel that the script is now more tightly structured, and my characters so much more clearly defined. I am alot happier with it now!
- Roopinder Bhullar, Winner of the Frida Khalo Award.

I consulted Myra as I was having difficulty understanding the direction of my storyline in my screenplay. Right away, she provided a wealth of suggestions, pointing out also that my characters needed more layers and three dimensional qualities for the storyline to be believable. Myra so kindly reminded me that I have real feelings and real responses and so must these characters. What she said made such an impact not only on me as a writer but also in the way I now approach my characters when acting.
- Cindy Narayan, writer & actor

I consulted Myra about my short film script and was amazed by her exacting comments and thoroughness. Her suggestions were excellent and the questions she posed to me led me to understand my characters and their situation so much more clearly. I learned so much from my consultation with Myra, I felt like I'd taken a whole writing workshp!
- Ai Kiyono, actor