Written and produced by Myra Sito Velasquez

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Myra Vee Myra Sito Velasquez Writer, Producer, Director, Production Designer
Of Chinese, German and Mexican heritage, Myra Velasquez was born and raised in Tokyo. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, she has worked as literary advisor at The American Place Theater, production co-ordinator for the Japanese TV networks FUJI, NHK and NTV and is also a script consultant. Her feature length screenplays include DIANA, a coming of age story of love and betrayal set in 1970's Tokyo and the action comedy KUNG FU GRANNY. In addition to preparing for a documentary project in Rwanda, she is writing a new screenplay with the filmmaker Ruth Sergel. MOTHER'S BLOOD is Myra's debut film as producer/writer/director and production designer.
Tom Dybek Tom Dybek Co-Director
Tom Dybek has acted and directed in regional and New York Theatre. After training with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse, Tom co-founded the Red Earth Ensemble which produced over thirty new plays during its decade long existence. Tom has previously acted in films but MOTHER'S BLOOD marks his first experience as director in this medium.
Todd Liebler Director of Photography
Todd Liebler was a fine arts/ art history major before tranferring to NYU's film program in 1982. In two and a half years, he shot over twenty short films. After graduation, he was trained as a lens and camera technician at a NYC rental house. In 1986, Todd went freelance, shooting music videos, commercials, documentaries, shorts and features. He also published still photography and worked extensively with digital and analog video. He is an award winning cinematographer who is inspired by the collaborative spirit and a compelling story.
Josh Litwhiler Editor
A graduate of the Boston University film program, Josh Litwhiler spent several years working in the New England independent film community before moving to New York City. Although his main interest is documentary filmmaking, Josh is incredibly grateful to Myra Velasquez for the opportunity to be included in the creative process of MOTHER'S BLOOD.
Daniel Pagan Supervising Sound Editor
Daniel Pagan hails from NYC with a BFA in Film Editing. For the last 3 seasons, Daniel has been working as a sound editor on HBO'S SEX AND THE CITY. He has supervised the sound editing on several films such as HUELEPAGA, MI DIA DE SURTE and THE DEFINITE MAYBE. He has also worked as sound editor on Ron Howard's EDtv and Jim Jarmush's GHOST DOG, HBO's THE CORNER. Other credits include DELLAVENTURA, IN &OUT, IN THE GLOAMING, I'M NOT RAPPAPORT, RANSOM, APOLLO 13, JOE'S APARTMENT, DEADMAN WALKING, BOYS and JINNAH.
Peter Blum Tibetan Bowls Composer
A certified Instructor in Basic & Advanced Clinical Hynoptherapy and the son of an operatic baritone, Peter has been involved with the study of music & voice all of his life. Some of his teachers have been Ustad Jamaluddiin Bharitya, Pauline Oliveros and, for shamanic use of sound, Beautiful Painted Arrow. In 1999, his 4 CD set, SOUNDS FOR HEALING featuring the Tibetan Singing Bowls was released on EnTranceWays label. A teacher of many workshops, Peter's current work combines his training as a practitioner of NLP and Eriksonian hynopsis with ancient techniques of healing with sound and music. The selections in MOTHER'S BLOOD are from SOUNDS FOR HEALING VOL.2, COMING HOME.
Phil Richards Mall Muzak Composer
Phil has been writing and producing music for pop artists and jingle houses for 10 years. A relative newcomer to film, he has written "mood" music for TV and radio spots as well as done voiceover work in that genre. Due out at the end of the year is as yet untitled feature film in which Phil has placed three original compositions.
World Wide Audio Audio Post Production
Georgia Hilton Final Sound Mixer
Kevin Cloutier, Takeshi Iwasaki, Jenny Ducaud Still Photos
A special thanks to two great guys missing in the film crawl: SPENCER LEVY and favorite ex-fiance, forever friend and most exacting critic, DAVID ADAMS MURPHY
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