Written and produced by Myra Sito Velasquez

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"MOTHER'S BLOOD employs artistic imagery to explore the relationship between a mother and her daughters. This sensitive and genuine film is moving and beautifully put together."

Gena Hamamoto
VCFilmFest2002, Recommended Shorts

"Stunningly beautiful!"
Stephanie Friedman
Open City Films

"MOTHER'S BLOOD tells a vivid and profound story about a childish mother -- unwitting, unaware -- who, with innocent selfishness, uses her three daughters in ways that damage and maim them. For adolescents struggling with their own developing personalities, this film has multiple benefits. It is enlightening to see the familiar pattern of mother-daughter dynamics told with such clarity and heart. Additionally, because the story takes place in the context of the Chinese American culture, it universalizes and broadens are understanding of family dynamics."
Florence Weintraub
Educator, Offsite Educational Services/The Door

"MOTHER'S BLOOD is a fascinating, riveting film about the unconscious legacy of crippled self esteem passed on from generation to generation. With wonderful, evocative performances by all the actresses, this debut short film by writer/ producer Myra Velasquez, directed by Myra Velasquez & Tom Dybek, pulls you into this very private world of mothers and daughters, making it almost impossible to stop you from combing your own history to find equally hidden agendas lurking in your own past. Directed with a mature, sure hand, MOTHER'S BLOOD feels lush and yet, at times, sterile in its peek behind the living room curtains of just another house in pseudo-serene suburbia. I loved it the way that I love a good painting."
Francesca Rizzo
President, CineWomen, NY

"Myra Velasquez's debut short film MOTHER'S BLOOD is a tour de force of a mixed genre experiment: mockumentary meets the eternal mother-daughter tangle with a dollop of film noir that is absolutely mesmerizing from start to finish."
Susan Hamovitch

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