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For award winning feature screenplay DIANA

I have been a fan of Myra Sito Velasquez's energy, insight, spirit and style ever since I met her. I was engaged and deeply moved reading her upcoming well crafted and nuanced DIANA, in which she masterfully captures her characters' surrounding as well as their inner worlds.
- Sabine Hoffman, editor , Personal Velocity, Saving Face, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Myra has written an exceptional screenplay that I very much look forward to seeing come to life on screen. What begins as a new and exciting friendship between two young girls on the brink of womanhood, turns into heartless betrayal. The characters and story are skillfully developed and weaved into a narrative the audience will care deeply about. While I don't want to give away the ending, there is a vital message of emotional healing and hope for anyone going through their first heartbreak.
- Maria Pusateri, Award winning Filmmaker/Actor

DIANA, an engrossing screenplay by Myra Velasquez, tells the story of a young girl's coming of age in the international community of Tokyo in 1972. Her arrival at puberty in the midst of a cruel seduction by a schoolmate, the shock of unexpected blood, her friend's betrayal and abandonment, to her, and to us as observers, is stunning, awesome. Myra Velasquez has delved deeply and wisely into the story of a girl's growing up. Diana has all the makings of an extraordinary and unusual film - I can't wait to see it.
- Florence weintraub, educator & artist

For THE SOLDIER, screenplay-to-multi media theater work in progress

So visual and sensual, a testament to the richness of the writing... Very cool to feel that combination of theater and film as it progressed... It's fantastic! And you have my absolute admiration and gratitude for sharing your brave talent with us tonight!
- Doug Menuez, Award Winning Documentary Photographer & author

Great reading! Really stellar! Such a great story. I can't wait to see this on the stage. So many wonderful physical and video possibilities and puppets and cool choreography! Funny and disturbing and tragic and wow.
- Sandi Carroll, Co-Artistic Director, Mud/Bone

Congratulations on writing a very powerful, beautiful moving play! You have a really wonderful script.. I would LOVE to see the final play!
- Vicki Speegle, Award Winning writer, filmmaker

For Myra's films and Myra as Director

Myra Velasquez's debut short film MOTHER'S BLOOD is a tour de force of a mixed genre experiment: mockumentary meets the eternal mother-daughter tangle with a dollop of film nor that is absolutely mesmerizing from start to finish.
- Susan Hamovitch, Director, Without Apology

- Nicole Franklin, Director/ Producer

I had the pleasure of working with Myra on her play reading of THE SOLDIER. She was a wonderful director, very thoughtful of all the actors, very specific in what had to be done in the few rehearsals we had but also very easy and fun to work with as well. Since then, I have worked with Myra on several occasions. She always strikes me as extremely intuitive with a keen sense of understanding of what is going on within the context of the script analysis. When I consulted her on a big audition that I was preparing for, she gave me some very acute advice. It came all clear to me after she gave me this clear counsel. After that, she has become my guru in terms of studying the script!
- Yoshiro Kono, actor

MOTHER'S BLOOD employs artistic imagery to explore the relationship between a mother and her daughters. This sensitive and genuine film is moving and beautifully put together.
- Gene Hamamoto, VC FilmFest, Recommended Shorts

Myra always gave me something important while working with her, which was love, dedication, and jazzy, groovy atmosphere. I'm just so lucky to be in her production. I was happy all the way through our rehearsals to the last day of filming. That's why I've never forgotten the experience that I had with her.
- Yasu Ikeda, Actor, THE LOVERS

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I had been working on my screenplay for over a year when i asked myra for her advice. I was amazed how well Myra understood my script and the problems i had with it! Her comments were insightful, razor sharp incisive and to the point. I feel that the script is now more tightly structured, and my characters so much more clearly defined. I am alot happier with it now!
-Roopinder Bhullar, Winner of the Frida Khalo Award.

I consulted Myra as I was having difficulty understanding the direction of my storyline in my screenplay. Right away, she provided a wealth of suggestions, pointing out also that my characters needed more layers and three dimensional qualities for the storyline to be believable. Myra so kindly reminded me that I have real feelings and real responses and so must these characters. What she said made such an impact not only on me as a writer but also in the way I now approach my characters when acting.
- Cindy Narayan, writer & actor

Feedback often is so general that it is not too much help. But when you have a script consultation with Myra, you can be assured that this will not be the case. Myra is specific,scene by scene. She points right to where the problems are. So the improvement is immediate! Also, she reviews the whole structure in a very holistic, clear, logical way. It’s like having an x-ray vision inside out thorough health exam!
- Peilin kuo, award winning filmmaker, A Thousand Deaths: The Story of Anna May Wong