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The Forks! (the screenplay)

• Big Apple Film Fest ’21
Short Screenplay Semi-Finalist
• Cinequest Screenwriting Competition 2022, Semi-Finalist
• New York International Screenplay Awards NYISA 2022, Quarter Finalist

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The Forks!

Andrei and Kathryn look forward to a wonderful anniversary dinner in magical Sedona. But the company at their table have other plans….

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kung fu granny

Kung Fu Granny

KUNG FU GRANNY comes to New York for a stay with her beloved son, Vice Cop Sergeant RANDALL LEUNG, his wife WINNIE and their two kids, aspiring supermodel l2 year old ELISSANDRA and chubby 10 year old JONATHAN. As Randall and his partner DAVIS proceed to bust a sweatshop racket, they discover that it is, in fact, a highly sophisticated child prostitution ring. When Elissandra is kidnapped by a key member of the ring – the cocaine crazed fashion photographer STEPHEN FERRELL – Granny, whose true identity is unknown to all, jumps into the fray to save the day.

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The Soldier (full length play)

As with my film THE LOVERS, my play THE SOLDIER was borne out of two forces: my abhorrence of any form of violence against another human being and my deep connection to Japan, where I was born and raised. 

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Set in a privileged foreigner’s community in early ’70s Tokyo, DIANA is the story of Felicia Martinez who, convinced at 12 years old that men are indeed the superior sex, wants fiercely to be a boy. After seeing a cheesy film version of “The Picture of Dorian Grey”, Felicia invents her ideal man “Christian Grey” and convinces herself that she will turn into him. She sets up a shrine to him and prays daily for her Grand Transformation.

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