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The Soldier (full length play)

poster for the soldier by myra Sito velasquez

“Great reading! Really stellar! Such a great story. I can’t wait to see this on the stage. So many wonderful physical and video possibilities and cool choreography! Funny and disturbing and tragic and WOW.”

Sandi Carroll, Actor & Co-Artistic Director Mud/Bone

“…So visual and sensual…a testament to the richness of the writing….. Very cool to feel that combination of theater and film as it progressed… It’s fantastic! And you have my absolute admiration and gratitude for sharing your brave talent with us tonight!”

Doug Menuez, award winning photographer, author “Transcendent Spirit: The Orphans of Uganda” , “Defying Gravity: The Making of Newton”

“This is some ingenious writing. The topic may be disturbing but your play will serve to remind us today of the twisted thinking of the Japanese military at that time. While the story may be based on old history, people today will find the story relevant.”

Rachel Jackson, Producer

“Congratulations on writing a very powerful, beautiful, moving play! You have a really wonderful script… I would LOVE to see the final play!”

Vicki Speegle, Award Winning Screenwriter & BlueCat Finalist, LOVED ONES

Director’s Statement

As with my film THE LOVERS, my play THE SOLDIER was borne out of two forces: my abhorrence of any form of violence against another human being and my deep connection to Japan, where I was born and raised. 

May THE SOLDIER remind us of the lunacy and tragedy of war. Second, as one concerned by the dearth of works by the japanese themselves about this dark chapter in the history of the nation, may this play provide a unique and meaningful contribution towards greater global awareness and understanding. 

THE SOLDIER had its first public reading at an earlier stage at The Richmond Shepard Theatre co-presented by Asian American Film Lab and Wayne Chang of Wayne Chang Casting. The play is now complete. 

Asian American Film Lab President Carl Lee and Director Myra Sito Velasquez 

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