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The Astonishing Journey of Mabel Li and The Mysterious Ways of Lord Ba Tha Za

In a world of vengeful ghosts, roving sex bandits and scheming vixens, what’s a poor peasant girl to do?


OFFICIAL SELECTION New Eyes Festival Theater MU, Playwrights Center, MN

“The script is amazing. Dynamic visuals and unique humor. Cast is great and although it’s still progressing, we can see how amazing this project will be. Very excited to see it with a full set and crew.”

Justin Lee

Account Executive – Standard Production Company

“So funny! Really inventive and I love all the twists and turns in the plot so I don’t ever know where it’s going to take me!”

Tina Chilip


“Myra most amazing and unique of Playwrights, it was an honor to witness your great art unfolding last night to be enveloped in your magical world, brought to life by a cast of incredibly gifted actors. It will continue to live within me and all those who attended for a very long time. Congratulations! I cannot wait to see where things will go next for you!”

Ragin Wenk Wolff

Concert Vionlist, Visual Artist, Creator of Image In My Music

“I love this! It’s so playful and inventive and smart. Delightfully irreverent and full of surprises.”

Sonya Sobieski

former Playwrights Horizons Literary Manager, Playwright, Script Consultant

“It’s a wonderful story and I can’t wait to see this play produced. I can also see it as a live action or animated movie as it has that Disney/Pixar potential. It will be terrific.”

Maria Pusateri

Award winning filmmaker, VITO AFTER, Associate Producer, Oscar-nominated MONDAYS AT RACINE

“Brilliant. Wonderful. It’s like a Chuck Mee interpretation of Brecht.”

Sandi Carroll

Co-Founder and performer in the comedy group Logic Limited LTD, former Artistic Director of Mud/Bone Collective

“Lively, funny and sweet in its comic resolutions.”

Paul Zimet

founding member of 15 Obie Award winning theatre company Talking Band

“I love this play. It’s fun cause it’s funny and charming. It’s classic, cause it feels like a fable. A fairytale parable. It’s modern with its adult comedic sensibilities. I wish Myra the best and grateful for her continued passion for her work. The actors were all fun and spot on also! A pleasure.”

Carl Ka-Ho Li

Producer, Actor, Senior Editor, A Love Story for Witches

“I love this play. It’s fun cause it’s funny and charming. It’s classic, cause it feels “An Asian setting with a universal theme, uplifting, unexpected: A must see!”

Diane Bergmanson


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First Table Read

The Astonishing Journey First Table Read Jan 25, 2014

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