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Set in present day New York, THE LOVERS is the story of a Chinese American woman and Japanese man whose passion for each other forces them to confront the dark legacy of their families in Nanking during the Japanese invasion in 1937.


With the world’s largest child prostitution ring run by the notorious Pangolin Crime syndicate busted by none other than one of New York’s finest, Vice Cop Sergeant Randall Leung, the world can breathe at last! …. Or can it? Members of Pangolin are out for revenge and the first on their list is and the first on their list is Sgt. Leung! But little do they know what they’re up against, for behind Sgt. Leung stands his grandma, the one and only KUNG FU GRANNY!


Japan 1930s. Village Good for Nothing young Tokyo likes nothing better than to chase dragon-flies and take naps in the sun. But then he is sent to military boot camp…


In a world of vengeful ghosts, roving sex bandits and scheming vixens, what’s a poor peasant girl to do?